Harvick wins 09 Bud Shoot Out!


Well,  now wasn’t that was fun!

Happy Harv is really happy tonite and deservedly so.

He raced an outstanding race. 

Poor Biff. It was biff after biff after biff…Not quite full moon but sure looked like one ,didn’t it?

Jeff Gordon ran like, well, Jeff Gordon as Jeff Gordon should run. I believe he will have a very good year. J.J. coninues to show me that so far my prediction is right. Jimmie Johnson’s luck has ran out.

 Tony Stewart ran like he had nothing new in his life. No biggie. 3rd place..new team…contented Smoke. He does seem relaxed and comfy doesn’t he? It was so strange not to see Ryan Newman on the track for the Shoot Out. The Bud Shoot Out minus The Rocketman is just not right.

Great to see David Stremme back where he belongs. In The Cup Races. Welcome home, Dave.

Poor Jr. He was having a fabulous night. It’s amazing to hear the Jr. Nation when he is leading. The Thunder rolls.

…And  how ’bout that Jamie McMurray? I am afraid Jamie is going to need to run as tho his job depends on it, as it probably does…Rousch will have to drop a car, like it or not, in 2010. Jamie’s scope looks great for ’09, so he will end up one way or another in a ride he deserves to be in.

I would have liked to have seen Scott Speed and Joey Logano make it a little while longer, and was sick that Robby Gordon was out in a few laps. He could have been in Parker AZ. racing and winning, after all.

After hearing of Joey’s performance in the Arca race, even tho he placed well, maybe it was best he was out in a few laps in the Shoot Out.

I love Scott Speed. He will be my Rookie of the Year  pick, no matter how he performs. How funny and charming can a guy be? But then again, he is Aquarian…how else could he be? His birthday is 5 days before mine.

For those of you who are patient and kind…my new URL will be www.churchofthegreatoval.com. The site is up and ready to play with, but I will cross post here and there until we have all the bugs out , running smoothly and redirected correctly. Check it out..give me your feedback and be patient. I know there are some kinks…I have not got all my links etc…or touches up yet, but you can see the site.

Thanks to Luke of The Thunder Lounge Network for all the work he has done for me on this!

Yeppers! Join up and blog with the sordid likes of me, Charlie and Steve of OnPitRow.com, Marc Boland’s Full Throttle  and Bram Hume’s Backstretch Motorsports .

Let’s help Luke to make Thunderlounge.com the best NASCAR blogging site on the Net.

So start updating your links… I’m almost outta here!

Until tomorrow…Tally Ho!



  1. What?!!

    Luke. Does work!!!

    Who’s a thunk it!

  2. Should’ve looked before I leaped.

    It might look better if you downsized the thumbnail images on the new site.

    Just me 2 centavos.

  3. Yeah…we are still working on it…still a bit messy!
    Thanks..I love your 2 or 5 centavos. I might be hollering for help a lot:)

  4. Go ahead, give a holler.

    I’ll send the bill later.

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