PLZ vote for Moses Smith in the 2010 Mos

PLZ vote for Moses Smith in the 2010 Most Popular Driver: K&N Pro Series West. No registering, just click and vote!


Dear @dennyhamlin @jeffgluck @DNewtonesp

Dear @dennyhamlin @jeffgluck @DNewtonespn @NateRyan @nscrwriter @NASCARBowles We are all Clucks. #nascar

Wow…Congrats to Jamie Mac! #indy #nasc

Wow…Congrats to Jamie Mac! #indy #nascar

@RyanEversley Quit talking during the National Anthem! :

Thx 4 sharing!RT@MatthewDillner: Well, G

Thx 4 sharing!RT@MatthewDillner: Well, Gooch squirted his water bottle on my crotch so for the first 25 laps it looked like I peed myself

RT @jordan_fish: First stop of the night

RT @jordan_fish: First stop of the night! Looks like our jackman almost got picked up by the 7 out there! Be careful boys!