The Church of The Great Oval Creed

~ The Church Creed ~

To join this church you must agree to and follow the creeds and doctrine of said church.

LAW 1.

YOU agree to observe the following days as Minor and Major Sabbaths…

a. ALL Sundays during Race Season. If there is no Race on Sunday you will use this day to celebrate that you have nothing that you HAVE to do. These HOLY days are considered MAJOR SABBATHS.
b. All Saturdays during Race Season. Although not all Saturdays have Races, there are always qualifying events and you might need to prepare for the Sunday Sabbath Race the next day. Saturdays are also considered MAJOR SABBATHS.
c. MINOR SABBATHS are considered to be any Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday that you must travel to and from a Race to attend Church. This includes travel and recovery time.
LAW 2.


a. All Race expenses, souvenier costs and related items shall be considered tithing.
b.If you have additional money that you would like to donate, Clance’ will gladly take it off your hands. She will look high and low for someplace to spend it. It will be hard but she CAN manage to do it.

LAW 3.

a. Your Driver will be considered your personal Avatar. You must display the number of your Driver’s car somewhere proudly on your vehicle.
b. If you do not have a vehicle the Members of the Church of the Great Oval will pretend you do.

LAW 4.

REGARDING Church Status:

A.The more memorobilia you display, the more pious in the Church you will become.
B. Throwing beer at the race winner at the Brickyard is dumping the
Sacrament on the floor of a Holy Shrine. This is grounds for excommunication from the Church, even if the winner is part of the HMS team or an Alien.

The Church of the Great Oval is currently accepting suggestions of other by laws.


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