NASCAR ~ Dover Astro-Predictions part 2

Dover brings some major aspect changes to many of the Drivers. Note recent “issues” and the commonality of the effects on individual behavior:) EEK!

Dale Earnhardt Jr., born 10 October 1974
Venus Trine Venus
Theme: A “lucky” influence 
Today you tend to attract circumstances, persons or objects, including money, that can be useful later on. This is a spontaneously “lucky” influence. This is a time of psychological and emotional equilibrium, when the different aspects of your personality are in tune with each other. You can face your daily life with less effort than usual, which is bound to have some consequences in your material universe as well. Relations with friends and close neighbors will be very harmonious, and you may make some new friends. People will be at ease with you today because you are at ease with yourself. The routine discussions, negotiations and transactions of everyday existence will offer no obstacles. This is an especially good time to think about your personal and emotional life. Strains in that area can be corrected now, because you are relatively at peace with yourself and with others, and communications about personal matters should be easy. This influence denotes a time when you and your friends support each other and feel that you belong together. This is a good time for any sort of group activity, because by working together you all will feel that it is a group effort from which everyone will benefit equally. And this is true.

Jeff Gordon, born 4 August 1971
Sun Sextile Sun
Theme: Taking stock
This is a time when you should strive to integrate your energies with those of the people around you – your friends, neighbors and the groups that you identify with. You will be able to work very effectively with others now.You will do this without any loss of identity; in fact, you will feel that what you do affirms your identity. This is a good time for socializing with others. You will enjoy people’s company and derive much benefit from being with them. Now you should find out what you have succeeded in doing and what has failed and prepare for your birthday, when the next cycle will begin.
This influence also signifies a state of balance between your feelings and your rational intellect. That is, you are able to think with great emotional sensitivity but still remain logical in your thought processes.   
Moon Square Sun could bring a few challenges into the picture, just to keep you from becoming to cocky.Today during the day you will meet some sort of challenge to the structure of your daily life, that is, your home life, intimate relations, routine daily contacts and so forth. All of us have hidden tensions that cause us to operate in ways that we do not understand. The effect of this influence is to bring these tensions to the surface. Thus you may feel ill at ease within yourself and have a bit more difficulty in getting along with others, particularly with women. Now several small areas of your life may simultaneously reach a crisis that forces you to pay more attention to what is happening. This is especially likely to happen with situations or persons that you have been taking for granted. You should take the time to correct little problems as they arise and give them the attention that they require.

Kasey Kahne, born 10 April 1980
Mercury Trine Pluto ( *Major Aspect change)
activity period until beginning of July 2008
Theme:The inner dimensions 
Valid during several weeks: This influence signifies a concern with the very deep issues in life. Today you are interested in what goes on underneath the surface of events and phenomena, and you are willing to dig until you find out. This energy can also turn inward, which is often very profitable. It may be beneficial to be alone so that others cannot distract you from your inward search. For this reason you are likely to be attracted to subjects that reveal the inner dimensions of the psyche, such as psychology or astrology. You may encounter someone today whose ideas have a great effect upon your mind. This is a good time for learning something new, because you can allow your beliefs to be transformed by what you learn. Also you will tend to have a strong effect on other people’s thinking today. 
This morning your emotions are strong when dealing with others, which can be either good or bad, depending on how you handle it. On the plus side, it gives you a great deal of sensitivity toward others. You can feel their moods immediately and respond to them so that you are able to fit into any group you are with. You value emotional contacts now, and you project feeling, warmth and concern to others. But on the negative side, this influence can also signify that you are so wrapped up in your moods that you can’t get out of yourself and relate to anyone else. In either case your moods are likely to fluctuate rather rapidly, so do not take your emotions too seriously at this time. You should make an effort to be with others, because forcing yourself to relate will bring out the better side of this influence.
Moon Conjunction Chiron has an effect also.
This influence is experienced in different ways. Perhaps you are very bad-tempered at the moment, and overreact to the least sign of what you interpret to be criticism or rejection. Thus misunderstandings can quickly develope, and instead of trying to clear them up, you withdraw hurt and perhaps a bit sorry for yourself. If you can, however, estimate how much of this situation is the result of your own anxious expectations, this quality of time will help you to be empathic and understanding towards others. Then you will also find helpful words for everyone who is in a similar mood to you. Poetic and romantic music have a pronounced effect on you at this time.

Denny Hamlin, born 18 November 1980
Mars in the 7th House ( *Major Aspect change)
activity period from 24 May 2008 until end of July 2008
Valid during several months: During this time there is tension in your life, but it can be used creatively if you are conscious of what you are doing. If you are not, this influence can signify a time of conflicts, especially with those closest to you and others whom you must cooperate with. Even your intimate, positive relationships may suffer at this time. The problem is that you will find it difficult to give in and compromise as necessary to proper cooperation. In any close relationship, there is often too much compromise, so that the real complaints and grievances are not aired, which in the long run tends to weaken even a fine relationship. Now is the time when these repressed grievances can be brought out into the open, which should result in a real clearing of the air between you.
This morning you may experience a real conflict between feelings and reason, or you may have a very fruitful dialogue about the state of your soul, either internally or with another person. In the first instance, old habits, prejudices and childhood patterns of thought are very likely to take precedence over what you usually consider reasonable; obviously this is not a good time to enter into delicate negotiations or to engage in an important discussion. As for the other side of this influence, this is a good time to withdraw by yourself or with another person and get in touch with your feelings. As long as you recognize that your emotions are emotions rather than rational judgments, you will not have trouble with this influence. In fact, you can learn a great deal about yourself, because your feelings are very clear.

Jeff Burton, born 29 June 1967
Mercury Square Ascendant
activity period from middle of May 2008 until beginning of July 2008
Theme: Disagreements 
Valid during several weeks: Normally this influence is quite favorable for all forms of communication, for getting around and getting in touch with people. Your mind moves quite quickly and cannot stand being idle. This influence makes you eager to exchange ideas with others, and you may feel like sitting and chatting with someone all day, if he or she is interesting enough. But the drive of this energy is such that you may waste a good deal of time chattering to yourself and not really accomplishing much of anything. While it is quite easy to express yourself under this influence, do not expect everyone to agree with you necessarily, especially if you talk so much that others feel they will never get a chance to say anything. They may disagree with you just to make you pause and listen to them.

Kevin Harvick, born 8 December 1975
This may be a day of considerable confusion and uncertainty. On the other hand, you may gain new awareness of and sensitivity to others and their needs and how they relate to your own. Your encounters with others today may be demoralizing and confusing. Your ego energies are not very high, and you are not in a self-assertive mood for vigorous competition. If someone comes at you aggressively, your natural inclination today is to avoid the confrontation. You might withdraw, or pretend to agree with the person just to avoid a contest. You are afraid that asserting yourself might accomplish nothing, and this fear may tempt you to act surreptitiously rather than out in the open. Avoid doing that, however, because it will demoralize you further.

Juan Pablo Montoya, born 20 September 1975
Mercury Conjunction Mars
activity period from middle of May 2008 until beginning of July 2008
Theme: Cruising for bruising 
Valid during several weeks: This influence confers a tremendous intellectual and mental energy. You can work with your mind much longer than usual and thereby accomplish quite a bit. At the same time you will feel intellectually competitive and fond of debating with others. The negative side of this influence is that if you take yourself and your ego too seriously, you may speak and act during this time as if you were spoiling for a fight. You may feel quite irritable and even be set off by rather trivial incidents. Often you will act defensively on issues that you have no real stake in at all. One problem with this influence may be that you will find it difficult to determine when it is necessary to defend your position. You tend to identify your ego with everything you think, say and believe.

All through this week, we will take a look at the individual driver’s 6 month outlook and get a peek into the aspects surrounding the Chase itself.



NASCAR ~ Dover Astro-Predictions

It’s so great to be back!! Let’s see how my predictions compare to the “real” stat pro’s.

Trouble in Turn 2’s oh so wise Mike, is leaning toward Big Baby Busch, my beloved (?) little Alien. After taking a look at the ‘scope’s, I think Schrub best be watching out for his big brother, because Kurt’s aspect’s are looking good this weekend. He’s hungry.

On Pit Row’s Charlie Turner  is looking at David Ragan, or Travis Kvapil, as the next first timer.

Bill Marx, in his post Top 5 and 5 to watch: Dover, says watch Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Kasey Kahne, Ryan Newman, and Matt Kenseth.

Dustin Long has some interesting stats in his post “Who will be NASCAR’s missling link”   (missling ~ his typo, not our official prayer language, typoneese ).

I say…maybe.

Here are the ‘scopes for the Driver’s with the most pertinent aspects for Dover:

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977 **Ryan has three wins, six top-five and eight top-10 finishes in 12 NASCAR Cup Series starts at the one-mile concrete oval.
Theme: A self-assertive mood 

This is an excellent time for accomplishing all kinds of work. Your energy is high, and you have faith in your ability to achieve. Usually your health is quite good now, and this influence is extremely favorable for all kinds of physical activity. You are in a self-assertive mood today. If you have to fight with someone to maintain your position in any matter, you will be able to do it effectively. You are not inclined to back down, although you will seek out a common ground where the two of you can agree, if there is any. 

Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969
Mars in the 6th House  (Major Aspect change)
activity period from 1 June 2008 until middle of August 2008

Theme: Plenty of work
Valid during several months: At this time you will throw your ego energies into working hard and getting things done. Now you are much more able to defer tomorrow’s pleasure for today’s work. In fact you are likely to take considerable pride in how much work you can do during this time. So the best way to handle this energy is to find plenty of work and do it. You may not want to work for someone else; instead, you want the credit for your accomplishments yourself, so that you are identified with what you do. This can lead to conflicts with your superiors and general difficulty in your work situation. Even if you are the employer, there may be difficulty if the people who work for you feel that you are not giving them enough credit. The best solution is to maneuver yourself into a position where you don’t have to work with or for others any more than necessary.

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971
Theme: Springboard

You are energetic and self-assured today, and you feel less helpless and at the mercy of others than is perhaps usually the case – a good time, therefore, for telling someone about your feelings or desires.
 On the other hand, your Moon has a weak transient effect moving through Mars today which could add some excitement. There is a real danger of needless disputes, irritability, emotionalism, rash action and hastiness, which may result in harm or inconvenience later. You will find it difficult to handle other people for awhile. One of the challenges now is to successfully let off steam without making an unnecessary shambles. If you frequently feel somewhat discouraged about yourself, you should be especially careful with this influence. You may see everything that comes your way as a threat and react much too defensively. If you have a bolder and more self-confident temperament, you may be inclined to act too quickly, to be hasty and overcritical of others. Or you may be accident prone. With this influence, you are not as careful as you should be, and you might hurt yourself.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Moon in the 6th House
Theme: On the line 
This is a time when you are inclined to put emotional considerations second to the immediate necessities, as you see them, in your life. Emotional repression of one kind or another is a probable consequence of this influence. But if you do react with emotional repression, you may become hypercritical, which is really the expression of a repressed feeling, usually of resentment toward someone. Another negative expression of this influence is the “martyr game”, a tactic of pretending that something is all right with you while subtly signaling that it is not and possibly trying to make others feel guilty for their behavior. Often this is done quite unconsciously. It is much better to put your feelings on the line, even if they don’t seem to fit the situation. 

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979
Moon Opposition Uranus
activity period from 1 June 2008 to 2 June 2008
Theme: Stormy weather
Tonight you will have to be quite careful, because you are emotionally excitable and impulsive. In your contacts with others you will seek excitement and stimulation, and thus you may attract people who are quite different from your usual crowd. You may even be quite upset by these new people, but you should realize that they are filling a real need in your life now. Or you may act disruptively in your current relationships. It is not exactly that you are trying to start a fight, but in talking with someone you may stir up feelings that cause a fight to begin unintentionally. Consequently this can be a stormy period in relationships. If anyone tries to restrict you, your reaction will be very negative, even if the restrictions are in your best interests.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972
Mercury Square Sun ( Major Aspect change)
activity period until beginning of July 2008
Theme: Mental activity 
Valid during several weeks: This influence indicates a day of busy mental activity and many communications with others. 
Be especially careful not to speak or otherwise communicate from purely egotistic motives. Make your point and let it go at that, because chances are your statement will have enough energy to be effective without making a controversy of it. If you do turn it into a controversy, you will encounter opposition from people who are similarly inclined, and communication will grind to a halt. Do not try to defend any ideas that are clearly shown to be invalid.

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978
Mars Square Uranus
Theme: Revolt!
During this time authority figures and close relationships, especially old ones from the past, are most likely the objects of your revolt, if you feel it necessary to rebel. You will be much more easily angered than usual, because you quickly interpret everything as a threat to your ego. Above all else, you feel that you must assert your ego in your own highly individual way. And if you have been unconscious of the need for creative change in your life, you are likely to be quite explosive. Sometimes, however, the “explosions” happen to you, which is a sign from your environment that you need to break away from something, although what that is may not be at all obvious. An accident can be the sign of frustrated ego energies transmuted into destructive powers.

Kyle Busch, born 2 May 1985
Theme:Showing off 
Usually this influence makes you feel very social. You enjoy being with your friends and neighbors, talking and exchanging news with them. You may feel a little like showing off, which cannot do any harm in moderation. The old line that “No man is an island” has real meaning for you today. If nothing else, you need others to “show off” to, and you need not fear that showing off will alienate people. Unless you are an insufferable braggart to begin with, it will not have that effect at all.
**LOL. I swear… I do not just make this stuff up!

That’s enough for this evening. Tomorrow we will take a look at Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon and a few others. Until then:

Tally Ho!!


Changeworks…Now. I hope.

My new motto. Changeworks. One word, not a typo. I’m back on my game after a long winter and an ensuing, depressing, divorce. How sad. Oh, well, I guess. My life goes on. I’ve just got to get a new pair of boots to walk around in.

Enough of the drivel.

Thou shalt not whine.

Thou shalt never speak of this again in Church.

It violates the Sanction of our Holy Shrine.

I am going to be posting on a regular basis, and yes, even reading my email once more.

The scope’s will be back up and running for Dover, and we will take a look at what’s going on in individual Driver’s scopes as we lead up to the Chase.

Go Tony!!

I am off for now, to finish watching the race and catch up on my blogging buddies.

Tally Ho!! Ever onward!!